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3 In 1 Combo Course In Bangladesh

Digital Marketing, Website Development & Graphic design Combo Course

Digital Marketing Introduction
  • What is the Digital Marketing
  • How to structure your marketing plan
  • How to segment your audience
  • Important Digital Marketing Terms
  • Digital Marketing Funnel
  • How to build loyalty in your potential customers?
  • How to fix your selling strategy?
  • What Is Search Engine
  • How Search Engine Works
  • What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Why Does My Website Need SEO?
  • Why Can’t the Search Engines Figure Out My Site Without SEO?
  • The Necessity of Branding & Exposure
  • Can I Do SEO For Myself or My Business?
Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
      • Introduction to Facebook Marketing
      • Facebook Group Marketing
      • Facebook Fan Page Customization
      • Facebook Page for Local Business
      • Facebook Marketing Strategies Through Fan Page
      • Facebook Business Manager Creation & Page Set Up
      • Billing Options
      • Engagement Post Creation
      • Facebook Send Message  Ad Set Up & Promotions
      • Facebook Lead  Ad Set Up & Promotions
      • Facebook Page Promote  Ad Set Up & Promotions
      • Define Your Targeted Customer
      • Facebook Event Marketing
      • Facebook Retargeting
      • Facebook Pixel Setup 
      Instagram Marketing
      • Instagram Marketing Introduction
        • Instagram Marketing Anatomy
        • Creating an Instagram Business Account
        • Instagram Marketing Introduction
        • Planning your content strategy
        • Laying the groundwork
        • Creating your first batch of content
        • Settings Successful Habits
        • Growth #1 Shortcuts
        • Growing & Automating content production
        • How to make money iff Instagram
        • Using stories to grow
        • Instagram ads
        • Automated outreach
        • #Tags Secrets
        • Promoting Business on Instagram
        • Bonus Section
        Introducing Graphic Design Tools
        • Photoshop Tools
        • Illustrator Tools
        • Design Principles & Color Theory
        • Concept Visualization, Finding References
        Logo Design
        • Flat Logo
        • Generic Logo
        • Letter Mark Logo
        Poster Design
        • Company Posters
        • Infographic Posters
        • X Banner Design
        Banners and Flyers
        • Social Media Banner
        • Product Banner
        • Advertising Banner
        • Flyers (leaflet)
        Brand Identity Design
        • Business Card 
        • Letter Head 
        • Envelop Design
        • ID Card
        Pinterest Marketing


        • Pinterest Marketing Introduction
            • Pinterest Business Account Creation
            • Pinterest Account Management
            • How to Get More Followers?
            • How to Rank #1 On Pinterest
            • How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Pinterest?
            • Pinterest Analytics


            Introducing Chat GPT 💥💥💥
            • Discussion About AI 
            • Using Chat GPT 
            • Benefits of Chat GPT
            • Freelancing with Chat GPT
            Linkedin Marketing
            • LinkedIn Marketing Introduction

                • Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing
                • LinkedIn Marketing Anatomy
                • Adding Your Business on LinkedIn
                • LinkedIn Company Page Optimization
                • LinkedIn Company Page Ranking
                • LinkedIn Ad Setups
                • LinkedIn Lead Generation
                Twitter Marketing
                • Twitter Marketing Introduction
                  • Twitter profile Optimisation

                  • Twitter Features

                  • How To Leverage Pinned Tweets & Threads

                  • How To Acquire New Clients Through Twitter

                  • How To Get Big Accounts To Follow You

                  • Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Analytics

                  • Twitter List & Daily Engagements

                  • How To Generate More Eyeballs On Your Links

                  • How To Stay Consistent With Your Tweet Output

                  • Twitter Shout-outs

                  • Twitter Marketing – Growth – Word Track

                  • Twitter Ad Structure

                  • How To Set Up Your Twitter Advertising Account

                  • Twitter Campaign Objectives

                  • Setting Up A Twitter Ad Campaign To Drive Website Traffic

                  • Ad Group Details & Bid Types
                    Audience Demographics – Gender, Age, Location, Ad Group, Devices
                    & Placements

                  • Twitter Ad Creative

                  • Reviewing Your Campaign Data

                  • Setting Up A Twitter Ad Campaign To Get More Followers


                  Tumbler Marketing


                  • Tumbler Marketing Introduction
                      • Creating Tumbler Blog Professionally
                      • Learn How to Use Tumbler for Business Promotion
                      • Using Tumbler as Web 2.0 Backlinks


                    Reddit Marketing
                    • Reddit Marketing Introduction

                        • Reddit Marketing Secrets
                        • How to Gain Karmas Easily?
                        • Sub-Reddit Marketing
                        • Tips & Tricks to Promote
                        • Business on Reddit
                      Niche Research
                      • How to Choose Profitable Nice?
                      • Affiliate Product Research
                      • Affiliate Product Idea Creation
                      • Amazon Niche Research
                      Domain Research
                      • Importance of Domain Name for Fast Ranking
                      • How to Pick Up the Best Domain Name?
                      • What Is the Difference Between New Domain & Expired Domain?
                      • Research the Best Expired Domain for Your Business
                      WP introduction

                      • What Is Domain?
                      • What Is Hosting?
                      • How To Select the Best Domain?
                      • What Is Sub-Domain?
                      • How To Work With cPanel?
                      • How To Install WordPress?
                      • Logging into Your Dashboard
                      • Configuring General Settings
                      • Configuring Reading Settings
                      • Configuring Permalinks
                      • Differences between Pages and Posts

                      Portfolio Website Development

                      • Creating Posts
                      • Adding link, an image on a post
                      • Creating Your First Menu
                      • Adding Pages to Your Menu
                      • Adding Custom Links to Your Menu
                      • Installing and Configuring a Theme
                      • Switching Between Themes
                      • Adding Menu, Media & Content to a Theme
                      • Uploading and Managing Media Files
                      • Favicon
                      • Tagline
                      • Import & Export Theme files
                      • Comments and Discussions

                      Business Website Creation
                      • Understanding The Business Site Requirements
                      • Understanding the Interface
                      • Creating a Business Website
                      E-commerce Website Creation
                      • Understanding The e-cmmerce Site Requirements
                      • Understanding the Interface
                      • Creating an E-commerce Website
                      Payment Method Integration
                      • Payment Method Discussion
                      • Payment method adding 
                      • Woocommerce Payment Gateway management
                      Competitor Analysis
                      • Research Competitor’s Website
                      • Tools for Competitor Analysis
                      • Competitors Backlink Analysis
                      • Making Decision from Analysis
                      Audit Report
                      • Importance of Auditing Website
                      • Technical SEO Audit for Website
                      • Making Audit Report Presentation
                      Google algorithm

                      • Mobile-first index
                      • Panda
                      • Penguin
                      • Fred
                      • Rank brain
                      • Hummingbird

                      Advance keyword Research
                      • What Is Keyword Research & Why You Need It?
                      • Learn About Both Paid & Free Keyword Research Tools.
                      • Keyword Research Step by Step
                      • How to Find Some Gold Keywords for Your Website?
                      • Find Global Search Volume for Specific Keyword
                      • Find Country Based/Local Specific Keyword
                      • Find Local Search/ General Search Trends
                      • Researching Your Competitor’s Keywords
                      • How to Find Profitable Keywords?
                      • Selecting Final Keywords
                      • Determining How Easily We Can Rank for Specific Keywords
                      Strategies of Content Marketing
                      • What Type of Contents Should You Write While Starting A New Blog?
                      • Content Writing Formula
                      • What Contents Are Missing on Your Niche Site Than Competitors?
                      • Importance of Quality Content
                      • How to Write Quality Content?
                      • Doing Content Optimization
                      • Content Presentation
                      Final silos

                      • Where do those keywords go on a page on a website
                      • Primary Keyword
                      • Secondary Keywords
                      • Supporting Keywords
                      • Final Silos

                      On Page SEO
                      • Website Structure & Design
                      • Title Tag Optimization
                      • Meta Tag Optimization
                      • URL/Permalink
                      • Content Optimization
                      • Heading Tag
                      • Internal and External Links
                      • Image Optimization
                      • Txt
                      • Sitemap
                      Technical SEO
                      • Page Loading Speed
                      • Mobile-Friendly Site Design
                      • Discussion on Dwell Time
                      • Sitemap Creation & Implementation
                      • Site Secure With HTTPS
                      • Schema Markup Implementation & Testing
                      • HTTP Status Code (Details)
                      • Identify Bad Redirects (301, 302)
                      • Pagination
                      • Domain Redirection
                      Off Page SEO

                      • Blog commenting
                      • Guest posting
                      • Question-answer site backlinks
                      • Social bookmarking
                      • Website structure & design
                      • Forum posting backlinks
                      • EDU backlinks
                      • Pin backlinks
                      • Create compelling infographics
                      • Improve social signals
                      • Directory submission
                      • PBN backlinks
                      • Weekly link roundup posts

                      Local SEO
                      • Importance of Local SEO
                      • Creating Your GMB Page Professionally
                      • Optimizing Your GMB Page
                      • Doing Local Listings for Local SEO
                      • Tips & Tricks About Ranking Factors of Local SEO
                      Citations building

                      • What is citation building?
                      • Types of citation
                      • How to create effective citations for business.
                      • List of citation websites for US, UK, Canada

                      Youtube Marketing
                      • YouTube Channel Creation & Optimization
                      • Tips to Create Great Contents and Videos
                      • Quick and Effective Tips for Video Optimization
                      • Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
                      • YouTube Competitor Analysis
                      • Paid Video Promotional Campaign
                      • Top Niche Ideas for YouTube Marketing
                      • YouTube Monetization
                      Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
                      • Basic Video Editing
                      • Adobe Premiere Pro Tools Introducing
                      • Working with transitions & effects
                      Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
                      • Video Editing with presets 
                      • Color Grading with Premiere Pro
                      • Special Tips & Tricks to edit like a pro
                      Email Marketing
                      • What Is Email Marketing
                      • Importance of Email Marketing
                      • Email Marketing Basics
                      • Strengths of Email Marketing
                      • Weaknesses of Email Marketing
                      • The Key Components of An Email Marketing Plan
                      • What You Need to Know to Succeed
                      • Email Marketing Best Practices
                      • Build Your Niche Based Email List Using Free Tools
                      • How to Write Perfect Cold Email for Campaign?
                      • Email Marketing with MailChimp
                      • Design Mailchimp Templates for Marketing
                      • MailChimp Campaigns Setup
                      • Email Marketing Automation with getting Response
                      • How to Turn Emails into Passive Income?
                      Google adwords

                      • Setting up a google ads account
                      • Setup google search ads
                      • Setup google video ads

                      Google Search Console
                      • Add A Site To GSC
                      • Set Preferred Domain Version
                      • Set Target Country
                      • Link Google Analytics with Search Console
                      • Check for the “Security Issues”
                      • Submit A Sitemap
                      • Check the “Index Coverage” Report
                      • URL Inspection
                      • Check Performance Report
                      • “HTML Improvements” Report
                      • Structure Data
                      • Internal Links
                      • Crawl Stats
                      • Mobile Usability
                      Google Analytics
                      • Add A Site to Google Analytics
                      • Add A Site to GA Using Google Tag Manager
                      • Integration of Google Analytics with Search Console
                      • Google Analytics Data Comparison
                      • Advanced Reporting
                      • Customize Dashboard
                      • Google Analytics Goal Setup
                      Earning Opportunities & Bonus
                      • How to Work in Local Market
                      • How to Work in Online Marketplace
                      • How Can You Create Your Own Earning Opportunities?
                      • How to Create A Complete Profile in Marketplace?
                      • How to Rank Our Profile on Marketplaces?
                      • How to Deal with Clients
                      • Secret Tips & Tricks for Picking Clients from Not Only Marketplace but Also Other Online Platforms
                      • Developing Conversation Skills.
                      • Some Special Strategy to Be Professional.
                      • Tips & Tricks to Starting Work with Local Area.
                      • Hidden Tips & Tricks.

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                      Meet Our Experienced Trainer

                      Technocastles always picks the best & experienced trainer for students. so that you can learn from the expert.

                      AKASH GHOSH

                      Founder & CEO Of Technocastles

                      Hello there, I’m Akash Ghosh, Founder & CEO Of Technocastles. An Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, SEO Expert & Digital Marketing, Local SEO, SEO & Digital Marketing Mentor, Freelancing Workshop Mentor, and Affiliate Marketer. I’m specialized in white hat SEO techniques. I’m a master of Social Media Marketing, keyword research, link building on-page, and off-page optimization, content marketing, Google Search Console & Analytics, and advanced SEO strategies. 


                      Mohammad Ali Junaed

                      Senior Graphic Designer Technocastles

                      Hello there, I’m Mohammad Ali Junaed Creative Executive of Technocastles.  I am also the Creative Executive of Lead Academy. I’m an Entrepreneur, Corporate Creative Designer & Consultant & a Freelancer. I’m specialized in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop. I’m a pro in Business Identity Design, Social Media Banner Design, Logo Design, 2D Motion Graphics & Video Editing.


                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Learn How it Works!

                      Who Can Enroll This Course?

                      This course is the best digital marketing course in Dhaka.

                      If you already have basic knowledge of SEO and want to go for advanced levels and planning to be an SEO expert then yes you can take this course.

                      On the other hand, if you are a new entrepreneur and planning to boost your traffic for your web presence, you must know about local SEO.

                      The business persons who need to know about local business information nearby them so that can analyze competitor activities quickly must go for this course.

                      I Am A Student. Can I Join In This Course ?

                      We provide Bangladesh’s best digital marketing course with a special privilege for all students.

                      Yes, a student can take this course if they have enough time after College or University. And we take classes at night. 

                      So any students can join at night time to take classes.

                      AM I ABLE TO work in local market AFTER COMPLETING THIS COURSE?

                      Yes, You can work in your local area. We will give you some hidden tips & strategis so that you can get works from local markets & make yourself dependent without online marketplace.

                      Did this course make me able as a digital marketer

                      Undoubtedly our digital marketing course is the best digital marketing course in Bangladesh.

                      Yes, After completing this course you can undoubtedly call yourself a digital marketer.

                      I AM A job holder. CAN I JOIN IN THIS COURSE ?

                      Yes, You can join this best digital marketing course in Bangladesh.

                      You can earn more besides your job by doing this course. The class schedule will be flexible for you don’t worry.

                      Am I Able To Start My Freelancing Carrier After Completing this course?

                      As this is the best digital marketing course in Bangladesh,

                      Yes, you can start your freelancing career after successfully completing this course.

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                      • We beleive we provide the best digital markeitng training in Bangladesh. If you follow all of our provided instructions and advice properly during your entire course but you are not completely satisfied after your training period, we ask you please let us know.

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